The Prisoner

As the heroes are running like little bunnies away from Darga’s palace, they hear a quiet voice whine “help me.” Damn! The heroes must trudge back into the palace and find the prisoner. The force informs Anara that the prisoner’s voice was coming from the guards chambers, but the force also informed Anara that she did NOT want to go in there.

After being stumped by the password at a computer that was involved in another creative plan Anara was developing, the heroes decide to go ahead and enter the guards chambers. After some brilliant mind tricking, the heroes work their way thru the guards chambers and enter a door and follow the stairs down that it opens to.

At the bottom of the stairs, the heroes encounter some gamorians, some doors, and a lot of space. Much more mind tricking and force gripping and the heroes make it past some MASSIVE Gamorians that are unlike any Gamorian they have ever come across before. The heroes eventually come across some more Gamorians enjoying buttsecks in a closet. Ha. Dlop Nul knocks them prone and breaks one of their dicks with a MASSIVE force slam.

There is much door checking to find the prisoner and the heroes eventually stumble up on an enraged Gamorian. With a vibroaxe. Ouch. Navik manages to blow the Gamorians head off with one blast and the heroes move on to the last room they need to explore. In it they find an ancient old woman. She is laying on a bed and is hooked up to machines, most of which are checking on her vitals. Upon being revived by the droid, the old woman is stunned to learn that the clone wars have ended and the jedis lost.

After a few minutes of updates with the old woman (Master Denia), a red light starts to go off and an alarm goes off. The heroes are trapped in the dungeon and need to find a way out of the dungeon. Navik uses some massive mechanical skillz and rigs a blaster rifle to blow open the door to the dungeons.



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