Finally, we cracked the code and discovered that the major Domo has been secret transmissions to the Imperials. There are references to the slaves and he is letting the Imperials know that the buyers are unhappy about the quality of the slaves. No reference to the origin of the slaves.

Upon decoding the secret thingy, our heroes were attacked whilst discussing their findings! There were menacing things in gray robes that were all menacing!!!

After killing a bunch of bad guys, Anara persuades a Twi lek to give us a bunch of information. All for getting her healed and out of the compound. The Twi Lek invites the trio into her bed chamber! REOWR!!!

The heroes move the bodies into Anara’s bed chamber and discuss this information with the Twi Lek poisoner. The Major Domo hired her to “take us out” (to breakfast)! The Twi Lek lets us know a bit about the slaves, but knows nothing about “the prisoner.” She tells Anara about a few places that not many people go in the compound: The attic – full of giant spiders; The Storage Basement – take the stairs to the basement. Darga is mining a gas that he is then selling to the Empire.

Then there was a sad discussion about the death of sea turtles…

The heroes approach 66 to reveal that they have decrypted the thingy and see if they can get his help with getting the Twi’lek out and find the prisoner. After seducing/drugging the guards that protect Darga’s sleeping quarters, the heroes + 1 Twi’lek get into Darga’s quarters.

the plan: tell slavers that Major Domo is the one responsible for the poor quality of the slaves, this will make Darga go after the Major Domo in a logic that Anara can relay. Put the assassins in our beds all covered up like they are sleeping and not dead. Find the prisoner and get the Twi’lek out of here!!!



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