Day 5 - Will we ever finish Module 1?

The heroes, in an effort to make it to the roof to be picked up, stumble on a bunch of storm troopers, the director or the facility, and a couple of genetically modified Falusians. After offering up a hardy cuppa whoop-ass, the heroes take the lift up to the roof and board the Banshee. The heroes have successfully completed module 1!!!!!!!!!!

As they are flying away from Falusia, the heroes learned that Senator Organa had called multiple times trying to get a hold of the crew. He wanted them to not let the Admiral know who sent them to rescue him. He also wanted them to rendez-vous with a frigit!

Captain Verana meets the crew and introduces himself. He welcomes them aboard and invites the heroes to take advantage of the excellent medical facility on the premises. While the heroes are being “tended to,” they are contacted by Switch, the protocal droid the party owes information to… They tell Switch about the genetic modifications that were being done to the Falusians. As the party are talking to Switch, Admiral Varth appears and takes the heroes to the briefing.

Admiral Varth was involved in a financial racket on the behalf of the empire. He charges the heroes to go to Cato Neimodia and find Darga the Hutt and figure out what the Empire was up to with all the misappropriated resources being routed there.

After consulting with Switch, the heroes learn that Darga the Hutt is located in the city of Zarra. While in transit, the heroes learn that Cato Neimodia was one of the planets that was ravaged in the Clone Wars. It’s a pretty deserted locale.

Upon arriving in Zarra, the heroes notice that they don’t see any Imperial presence, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t around. All over the walls, they see posters advertising the glory of the Empire. As they enter the city, they are questioned by a gum-smacking female Neimoidian, who barely lets them enter the city.

Cato Neimoidia is a bridge city.

Anara does some information gathering and after a Twilick shot, she learns. Darga has a flunky that comes around and causes trouble. His name Raden. The bartender tells Anara how to find Raden.

As the heroes make their way over to the area Raden is known to occupy, they are intercepted by 5 thugs on swooper bikes. And after kicking their asses, Dlop Nul gets a Vibro Axe!!!

As the heroes come upon the building Raden is in, they see several large excavation droids pulling rubble out of the area. When they approach the entrance to the building, they see two guards poke their heads out threateningly… And despite a brilliant Mind Trick, the guards start an all out war against the party of heroes.

After uncovering the stealthy Raden in the midst of the fire fight, the heroes try to persuade him give them information. Raden was a complete jerk and Navik wisely killed him.

Now the heroes hope to fill in the power vacuum left in the area and use this to meet the Hutt!!!



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