Day 4 - Breaking Into the Prison

Today’s adventure begins with our heroes trekking thru the mushroom forest and scouting out the prison facility. The front door is gaurded by some storm troopers. The scout points to the NorthWest corner of the building, where we see a grate that is falling off its hinges. As they inspect the area they hear a crashing and slashing happening in the forest behind them.

The heroes scuttle across the clearing and enter the facility thru the falling off grate. After much sneaky sneakiness of sneaking, the heroes decide to attack a bunch of storm troopers sitting at consoles in a big military room! After narrowly squishing the storm troopers, the heroes hear the crunching coming closer and closer.

After observing that there are millions upon millions of storm troopers in the building, our trusty sneaky Anara decides it is a good idea to shoot off a HUGE weapon into a the midst of a bunch of storm troopers and miss. Thus every storm trooper in the building is alerted to our position. As they exit the building, the heroes observe 2 AT-STs. They see their dead scout and the party that killed him. The heroes are knocked out and wake up in prison. Except that the storm troopers found Dlop Nul’s light saber.

When Navik wakes up, she is floating in a pool of goop and there is a red blob floating a little ways a way. When she tries to check on what the red blob is, she smacks her face into a wall of glass. After many failed perception checks, the rodian peers around the facility to see a falusian strapped to a table who has been MASSIVELY altered. He appears to have vulgarly bulging muscles, and one arm ends in a serrated bone knife. Navik tries to get out of the tank, but ends up splatting on the ground, thus alerting a scientist who happens to be in the room.

Navik kills the scientist and finds Dlop Nul in another tank in the room. There is no sign of Anara in the room, but all signs point to being rectally violated by a vibro-rod… Poor Anara.

Switch Scenes to Anara. Anara wakes up in a prison area surrounded by 4 prisoners. It quickly becomes apparent that one of the prisoners is General Varth. After chit-chatting for a while about the weather and local sporting teams, the two prisoners get down to the business of escape.

Navik and Dlop Nul find a few Imperial Officers and kick their freakin’ asses!!! They take one Imperial officer prisoner and get some information out of him. They learn that they must free General Varth NOW before an inquisitor comes to, ahem, inquisit him. They decide to send in their medical droid to the prison wing (a medical droid is expected because General Varth should be prepped for the, ahem, inquisition. They also search the Imperial Officer and find a Butt plug code cylinder. They then sedate him and throw him in the health baths they had been waking up in.

Our medical droid takes the 3 pistols recovered from the imperial guards to Anara and she gives one of them to the General and one to one of the ruffians in the room. The prisoners then trick the guards into the prison cell and much roughhousing ensues. After Anara absorbs a blaster pistol shot with her hand, one Imperial Officer poops himself and helps Anara get out of the cell. The two separate groups meet up outside the medical bay.

The group then manipulates the computers to get in touch with the pilot of the spaceship, and make a plan to get picked up on the top of the roof.



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