Day 2 - Still on the Space Station, The Attack of the Blue Deck

Whoa Buddy

Our heroes awaken from a thorough healthening courtesy of a droid grateful to still be alive. They seek out Maya to see if she can give them any clues (heh!) as to how to go about invading the Blue Deck. Maya says that she can hook the heroes up with a pilot and ship to get them out of danger, once they have the “cargo.”

Apparently, Blue Deck is a deck of wealth and snootiness. As they are scouting about trying to gather information, the trio overhear that a large group of storm troopers have been deployed to a cargo hold to inspect some “suspicious looking cargo.” The trio head as inconspicuously as they can towards the main cargo bay. Then, without knocking, they enter.

And they are attacked by Storm Troopers. There is a repulser sled in the room, and it is pulling along a large hunk of carbonite. The repulser sled has a drop net. In case you were ill informed, drop nets suck. A lot. Many force points used and near deaths later, the heroes defeat the evil doom doomers and hijack the repulser sled and put the carbonite chunk on the ship before any more reinforcements could arrive.

The ship takes them to Alderaan where they meet up with Senator Bail Organa. Senator Organa tells the heroes of a quest he wishes them to complete. He wants them to rescue a general who has been feeding information to the rebels. The general has been captured by the Empire and is being “interrogated” on Felucia.



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