Day 1 - On the Space Station Sel Zonn

There are 3 adventurers don’t yet know each other, but by circumstance and foible they find themselves on the same side of a Storm Trooper’s gun. The wrong side. The side that hurts. They end up kicking the Empire’s best’s asses!!!

They help save a mechanic who then offers them credits for saving her and for looking for another droid who has stuff that will help the rebellion.

The rogue gets a lot of information that seems very useful and they intercept someone who is unsavory and is a sex trafficker. He tells us how to find the storage bay the droid the trio is seeking out is hiding in.

When we get to the storage bay the droid is in, the storage bay is in bad condition. There are scorch marks everywhere. Everything is rundown and in horrible condition. In the middle of the room there is an unbelievably nice antique desk and behind it sits Switch, the droid they are looking for.

Switch informs the travelers that the cargo they are looking for is in the Imperial docking bay. Our amazing and rogue person decides that the best way to go about getting the cargo is to get to the station manager and have them move the cargo to a more accessible area.

As the party turns to leave, they encounter a group of scalawags who threaten them. Navik Thuunu fires at one of the intruders and thus involves the party in the firefight. After the allies kick the nare-do-wells asses, Switch offers us free medical attention and other stuff as well. Switch gives us a word of warning, the “Cargo” is an agent that has been frozen to send himself as cargo instead of as a passenger.

And the heroes leveled up!



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