The Prisoner

As the heroes are running like little bunnies away from Darga’s palace, they hear a quiet voice whine “help me.” Damn! The heroes must trudge back into the palace and find the prisoner. The force informs Anara that the prisoner’s voice was coming from the guards chambers, but the force also informed Anara that she did NOT want to go in there.

After being stumped by the password at a computer that was involved in another creative plan Anara was developing, the heroes decide to go ahead and enter the guards chambers. After some brilliant mind tricking, the heroes work their way thru the guards chambers and enter a door and follow the stairs down that it opens to.

At the bottom of the stairs, the heroes encounter some gamorians, some doors, and a lot of space. Much more mind tricking and force gripping and the heroes make it past some MASSIVE Gamorians that are unlike any Gamorian they have ever come across before. The heroes eventually come across some more Gamorians enjoying buttsecks in a closet. Ha. Dlop Nul knocks them prone and breaks one of their dicks with a MASSIVE force slam.

There is much door checking to find the prisoner and the heroes eventually stumble up on an enraged Gamorian. With a vibroaxe. Ouch. Navik manages to blow the Gamorians head off with one blast and the heroes move on to the last room they need to explore. In it they find an ancient old woman. She is laying on a bed and is hooked up to machines, most of which are checking on her vitals. Upon being revived by the droid, the old woman is stunned to learn that the clone wars have ended and the jedis lost.

After a few minutes of updates with the old woman (Master Denia), a red light starts to go off and an alarm goes off. The heroes are trapped in the dungeon and need to find a way out of the dungeon. Navik uses some massive mechanical skillz and rigs a blaster rifle to blow open the door to the dungeons.


Finally, we cracked the code and discovered that the major Domo has been secret transmissions to the Imperials. There are references to the slaves and he is letting the Imperials know that the buyers are unhappy about the quality of the slaves. No reference to the origin of the slaves.

Upon decoding the secret thingy, our heroes were attacked whilst discussing their findings! There were menacing things in gray robes that were all menacing!!!

After killing a bunch of bad guys, Anara persuades a Twi lek to give us a bunch of information. All for getting her healed and out of the compound. The Twi Lek invites the trio into her bed chamber! REOWR!!!

The heroes move the bodies into Anara’s bed chamber and discuss this information with the Twi Lek poisoner. The Major Domo hired her to “take us out” (to breakfast)! The Twi Lek lets us know a bit about the slaves, but knows nothing about “the prisoner.” She tells Anara about a few places that not many people go in the compound: The attic – full of giant spiders; The Storage Basement – take the stairs to the basement. Darga is mining a gas that he is then selling to the Empire.

Then there was a sad discussion about the death of sea turtles…

The heroes approach 66 to reveal that they have decrypted the thingy and see if they can get his help with getting the Twi’lek out and find the prisoner. After seducing/drugging the guards that protect Darga’s sleeping quarters, the heroes + 1 Twi’lek get into Darga’s quarters.

the plan: tell slavers that Major Domo is the one responsible for the poor quality of the slaves, this will make Darga go after the Major Domo in a logic that Anara can relay. Put the assassins in our beds all covered up like they are sleeping and not dead. Find the prisoner and get the Twi’lek out of here!!!

Day 9 - A feast of doom

We won!!! Yay!!!

We level up to 4 and are immediately invited to attend a feast put on by Darga.

During the feast, a few humanoids come into the room and the room goes quiet. The leader of the group accuses Darga of altering a slave trade agreement.

Module 1 is finished. Will we ever figure out what to do with all this Hutt nog?

Our heroes have been in the company of Darga the Hutt for a few days, juicing the huttnog out of him, but getting little else.

Out of sheer boredom, the heroes decide to participate in a tournament. To the death. For money. It kinda makes one feel a bit whoreish…

A dramatic battle ensues in an arena of death.

Will this be the end of our heroes? Find out next time on SWSD

Day 5 - Will we ever finish Module 1?

The heroes, in an effort to make it to the roof to be picked up, stumble on a bunch of storm troopers, the director or the facility, and a couple of genetically modified Falusians. After offering up a hardy cuppa whoop-ass, the heroes take the lift up to the roof and board the Banshee. The heroes have successfully completed module 1!!!!!!!!!!

As they are flying away from Falusia, the heroes learned that Senator Organa had called multiple times trying to get a hold of the crew. He wanted them to not let the Admiral know who sent them to rescue him. He also wanted them to rendez-vous with a frigit!

Captain Verana meets the crew and introduces himself. He welcomes them aboard and invites the heroes to take advantage of the excellent medical facility on the premises. While the heroes are being “tended to,” they are contacted by Switch, the protocal droid the party owes information to… They tell Switch about the genetic modifications that were being done to the Falusians. As the party are talking to Switch, Admiral Varth appears and takes the heroes to the briefing.

Admiral Varth was involved in a financial racket on the behalf of the empire. He charges the heroes to go to Cato Neimodia and find Darga the Hutt and figure out what the Empire was up to with all the misappropriated resources being routed there.

After consulting with Switch, the heroes learn that Darga the Hutt is located in the city of Zarra. While in transit, the heroes learn that Cato Neimodia was one of the planets that was ravaged in the Clone Wars. It’s a pretty deserted locale.

Upon arriving in Zarra, the heroes notice that they don’t see any Imperial presence, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t around. All over the walls, they see posters advertising the glory of the Empire. As they enter the city, they are questioned by a gum-smacking female Neimoidian, who barely lets them enter the city.

Cato Neimoidia is a bridge city.

Anara does some information gathering and after a Twilick shot, she learns. Darga has a flunky that comes around and causes trouble. His name Raden. The bartender tells Anara how to find Raden.

As the heroes make their way over to the area Raden is known to occupy, they are intercepted by 5 thugs on swooper bikes. And after kicking their asses, Dlop Nul gets a Vibro Axe!!!

As the heroes come upon the building Raden is in, they see several large excavation droids pulling rubble out of the area. When they approach the entrance to the building, they see two guards poke their heads out threateningly… And despite a brilliant Mind Trick, the guards start an all out war against the party of heroes.

After uncovering the stealthy Raden in the midst of the fire fight, the heroes try to persuade him give them information. Raden was a complete jerk and Navik wisely killed him.

Now the heroes hope to fill in the power vacuum left in the area and use this to meet the Hutt!!!

Day 4 - Breaking Into the Prison

Today’s adventure begins with our heroes trekking thru the mushroom forest and scouting out the prison facility. The front door is gaurded by some storm troopers. The scout points to the NorthWest corner of the building, where we see a grate that is falling off its hinges. As they inspect the area they hear a crashing and slashing happening in the forest behind them.

The heroes scuttle across the clearing and enter the facility thru the falling off grate. After much sneaky sneakiness of sneaking, the heroes decide to attack a bunch of storm troopers sitting at consoles in a big military room! After narrowly squishing the storm troopers, the heroes hear the crunching coming closer and closer.

After observing that there are millions upon millions of storm troopers in the building, our trusty sneaky Anara decides it is a good idea to shoot off a HUGE weapon into a the midst of a bunch of storm troopers and miss. Thus every storm trooper in the building is alerted to our position. As they exit the building, the heroes observe 2 AT-STs. They see their dead scout and the party that killed him. The heroes are knocked out and wake up in prison. Except that the storm troopers found Dlop Nul’s light saber.

When Navik wakes up, she is floating in a pool of goop and there is a red blob floating a little ways a way. When she tries to check on what the red blob is, she smacks her face into a wall of glass. After many failed perception checks, the rodian peers around the facility to see a falusian strapped to a table who has been MASSIVELY altered. He appears to have vulgarly bulging muscles, and one arm ends in a serrated bone knife. Navik tries to get out of the tank, but ends up splatting on the ground, thus alerting a scientist who happens to be in the room.

Navik kills the scientist and finds Dlop Nul in another tank in the room. There is no sign of Anara in the room, but all signs point to being rectally violated by a vibro-rod… Poor Anara.

Switch Scenes to Anara. Anara wakes up in a prison area surrounded by 4 prisoners. It quickly becomes apparent that one of the prisoners is General Varth. After chit-chatting for a while about the weather and local sporting teams, the two prisoners get down to the business of escape.

Navik and Dlop Nul find a few Imperial Officers and kick their freakin’ asses!!! They take one Imperial officer prisoner and get some information out of him. They learn that they must free General Varth NOW before an inquisitor comes to, ahem, inquisit him. They decide to send in their medical droid to the prison wing (a medical droid is expected because General Varth should be prepped for the, ahem, inquisition. They also search the Imperial Officer and find a Butt plug code cylinder. They then sedate him and throw him in the health baths they had been waking up in.

Our medical droid takes the 3 pistols recovered from the imperial guards to Anara and she gives one of them to the General and one to one of the ruffians in the room. The prisoners then trick the guards into the prison cell and much roughhousing ensues. After Anara absorbs a blaster pistol shot with her hand, one Imperial Officer poops himself and helps Anara get out of the cell. The two separate groups meet up outside the medical bay.

The group then manipulates the computers to get in touch with the pilot of the spaceship, and make a plan to get picked up on the top of the roof.

Day 3 - Alderaan and Felusia

After having spoken to Senator Organa, the heroes decide they need to prepare themselves by getting supplies before heading off into the wild unknown!

After Navik’s total personal makeover, the heroes head off to Felusia on the Spaceship Banshee. The pilot is super hot and (I’m not gonna lie) there’s a bit of sexual tension between her and Dlop Nul. [I DON’T RECALL THIS HAPPENING IN MY GAME] There are crazy special effects happening during the flight and then they get to the planet. As they are about to land, the captain makes a sudden turn. She informs the heroes that she just picked up a laser turret. As they fly around the planet they see that there are laser turrets strategically placed all over the planet. The pilot navigates towards the least dense patch of foliage on the planet and lands. The heroes decide to try to take out the tracking device on one of the turrets so that they don’t have to hike 3 days into the planet to get to the place the general is being held.

As they approach the turret they see a building that houses the generator for the turret, and they decide to destroy the generator. Unfortunately, our rogueish friend isn’t very stealthy and stumbles into a mushroom and starts cursing, thus alerting the Storm Troopers protecting the building and turret to our presence. Dlop Nul steps out from behind a mushroom and pops a guys head off like a champagne cork. After many more amazing moves (like shooting the blaster carbines straight into the air instead of shooting at an enemy), the heroes finally make their way into the building and shut off the generator. After smushing the guy who was typing out an emergency message, the heroes send out a message saying that they are having power fluctuations with the generator so they are going to shut down the system for 15 minutes. They then blow up the generator after putting all the storm troopers inside (so evidence of their fight is destroyed).

The heroes rendez-vous with the Banshee and she gets the heroes about 12 hours away from the prison facility. The Banshee unfortunately had sucked up various flora and fauna and the engine was having issues on the trip towards the prison facility. In the 6th hour of their hike, the heroes come upon a swampy area. There, several force users attack the group! For no reason what-so-ever!!! Jerks… Fortunately, they don’t have much health, so the battle is really only a minor irritant. After they utterly demolish the creatures, they hear a voice screaming “peace, peace, please stop!!!”

A human comes panting up to us and asks us to please stop the fighting. After explaining that we tried not to fight them, and telling the chubby human, “Vazus Mandrake,” that the heroes are against the Empire, Vazus decides to give them information that could help the heroes on the way. They follow Vazus into a village made of the mushrooms that cover the planet. In the center of the village a number of Falusians look over at the heroes and wiggle their jaw antennae. They seem curious more than hostile. Vasus speaks to the Falusians in their native tongue and makes some gestures. We are offered a place to stay in the village and gives us food. After the heroes are rested, they will be introduced to the who’s who of the village.

While they are resting in the village, Vazus comes into visit the heroes. Dlop Nul informs Vazus that he is one of the last Jedi. He reaches into his clothes and pulls out a small box and informs the group that he would like them to blow up the facility. The heroes agree and

Navik hears whimpering crys coming from one of the mushroom huts. Inside the hut are 4 Falusiann children lying on cots and their muscles are withered to the point where they can’t even hold themselves up. Vazus tells the group that these children are one of the reasons why we need to destroy the facility. Apparently, a virus came out of the facility that caused a disease that wastes the children away.

The heroes head back to the clearing they initially entered thru and they see a really really old Falusian. He comes up to each of us and looks us in the eye. When he gets to Dlop Nul, he grumbles something and Vazus translates it as “Who are you?” After much talking and diplomating, the elder agrees to give the group a scout to help them get to the prison facility. The heroes agree to give the elder a medpac and to keep an eye out for weapons and more medpacs at the facility to scavenge for him.

After trading force secrets with the elder (Dlop Nul and Anara learn force blast), the heroes go to bed. Upon waking, the heroes hear a retractor sled speeding away from the village. Vazus says that it must be a scout for the Empire. The heroes must stop it!!! Vazus points them towards a pen of Kybucks. The heroes jump on the Kybucks who take off (and Dlop Nul just barely hangs on…). They find the storm trooper on the retractor sled, and Navic shoots at the storm trooper but misses. After much amazing action and a Jar Jar Binks imitation done by Dlop Nul, the heroes come upon several storm troopers and another repulser sled in the middle of the mushroom forest.

Several fight scenes later, all the storm troopers are dead. The heroes collect the blaster carbines and utility belts off of the storm troopers and gives them to the elder of the Falusians, who then gurgles his thanks.

We leveled up!!!

Day 2 - Still on the Space Station, The Attack of the Blue Deck
Whoa Buddy

Our heroes awaken from a thorough healthening courtesy of a droid grateful to still be alive. They seek out Maya to see if she can give them any clues (heh!) as to how to go about invading the Blue Deck. Maya says that she can hook the heroes up with a pilot and ship to get them out of danger, once they have the “cargo.”

Apparently, Blue Deck is a deck of wealth and snootiness. As they are scouting about trying to gather information, the trio overhear that a large group of storm troopers have been deployed to a cargo hold to inspect some “suspicious looking cargo.” The trio head as inconspicuously as they can towards the main cargo bay. Then, without knocking, they enter.

And they are attacked by Storm Troopers. There is a repulser sled in the room, and it is pulling along a large hunk of carbonite. The repulser sled has a drop net. In case you were ill informed, drop nets suck. A lot. Many force points used and near deaths later, the heroes defeat the evil doom doomers and hijack the repulser sled and put the carbonite chunk on the ship before any more reinforcements could arrive.

The ship takes them to Alderaan where they meet up with Senator Bail Organa. Senator Organa tells the heroes of a quest he wishes them to complete. He wants them to rescue a general who has been feeding information to the rebels. The general has been captured by the Empire and is being “interrogated” on Felucia.

Day 1 - On the Space Station Sel Zonn

There are 3 adventurers don’t yet know each other, but by circumstance and foible they find themselves on the same side of a Storm Trooper’s gun. The wrong side. The side that hurts. They end up kicking the Empire’s best’s asses!!!

They help save a mechanic who then offers them credits for saving her and for looking for another droid who has stuff that will help the rebellion.

The rogue gets a lot of information that seems very useful and they intercept someone who is unsavory and is a sex trafficker. He tells us how to find the storage bay the droid the trio is seeking out is hiding in.

When we get to the storage bay the droid is in, the storage bay is in bad condition. There are scorch marks everywhere. Everything is rundown and in horrible condition. In the middle of the room there is an unbelievably nice antique desk and behind it sits Switch, the droid they are looking for.

Switch informs the travelers that the cargo they are looking for is in the Imperial docking bay. Our amazing and rogue person decides that the best way to go about getting the cargo is to get to the station manager and have them move the cargo to a more accessible area.

As the party turns to leave, they encounter a group of scalawags who threaten them. Navik Thuunu fires at one of the intruders and thus involves the party in the firefight. After the allies kick the nare-do-wells asses, Switch offers us free medical attention and other stuff as well. Switch gives us a word of warning, the “Cargo” is an agent that has been frozen to send himself as cargo instead of as a passenger.

And the heroes leveled up!


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